Meet Big Brother Seth and Little Brother Romel

Meet Big Brother Seth and Little Brother Romel.

Seth and Romel are matched through our School-Plus Program, which combines both in- and out-of-school hangout sessions, and are getting ready to celebrate their one-year anniversary in December! When not meeting in school, Seth and Romel like to go out to eat (especially pizza!) and attend sporting events. The two recently went to a Lexington Legends game, where Romel got to meet the Legends’ mascot, Big L!

Seth says Romel has an infectious smile and a great laugh, and that the two love cutting up together. “He’s very competitive, so we enjoy giving each other a hard time when we play a game – it’s always a good laugh,” he says.

Romel’s mother says that Seth has been a big asset when it comes to Romel’s performance in school, and that she’s already seen positive results from Seth’s mentoring and homework help. And while Romel enjoys the tutoring aspect of their relationship, saying that Seth “helps him with lots of stuff,” one of his favorite things to do with Seth is to take a study break and play Jenga!

This match may be in its first year, but we have a feeling these two will be making memories together for years to come! “Romel is a great kid and I feel lucky to have him as my little brother,” Seth says. And we are certainly lucky to have them both in our program!

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