Virtual Mentoring Program (New in 2021)

Children 13 years and older are eligible for this year-long program and are matched one-to-one with a screened adult volunteer. The program is scheduled to launch in February 2021. While these matches are virtual only, if interested and Covid19 conditions permit,  parties may later opt to move to a traditional, community-based match.

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How it Works

Littles will interact with their Big virtually, on their own time, once a week through the iCouldBe portal. Activities will strengthen and expand real-life connections. Bigs will help Littles develop self-knowledge, map academic and career paths, and identify steps to achieve goals.  Though connecting through iCouldBe, BBBS will provide case management and support, including resources for the family.

Informational Videos

Virtual Mentoring 101 - Bigs Edition

Virtual Mentoring 101 - Littles Edition


More Information

  • Bigs and Littles can access iCouldBe on any web-enabled device.  Activities are asynchronous, so there’s no need to ‘schedule’ time to ‘meet.’

  • Bigs and Littles will only communicate through our private portal, which contains safety features to alert staff of ‘red flags.’  BBBS staff is also able to monitor for safety, as well as provide additional guidance and support.

  • Bigs and Littles will register on iCouldBe and create their customized avatar and profile. Littles are empowered to choose their mentor based on their personal career interests, and are encouraged right from the start to be a powerful  driver of their mentoring experience. Littles will not only be empowered to provide preferences for the matching process, but they’ll also set the pace of the program and define and personalize the content discussed with their Bigs.

  • 40+ engaging, multimedia activities are offered through iCouldBe, a program designed for middle and high school students focused on building relationships and developing skills to navigate school and reach future goals. The platform provides an interactive space to collaborate one-on-one and the curriculum includes gamified features such as gold stars, drag & drop games, quotes, videos, instant feedback measures, program progress bar, personal avatars, animated celebration features, and more.

  • By program completion, Littles will have completed personalized case studies that demonstrate and celebrate their accomplishments in themed areas including academic success, post-secondary education, work experience, exploring future careers, and developing webs of support.